A Letter From An English Teacher


Hello Ms.Esra,

I would like to start my words by thanking you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity as a person who works under the hard circumstances of the east side of Turkey.

I saw your blog on Tumblr and read a couple interviews. I didn’t have much of a chance to analyze it but I liked it very much.

The place I work has very hard working conditions because of the weather and the constant snow. Sometimes the wind creates such a storm that we have three days of power cut. This means being unable to run errands and do personal care for me and my friends who are teachers; plus we get really cold because the heaters don’t work during the power cut. In school our students get cold and this lowers are success as a school.

In the place I work children are not valued. This leads to the lack of care for education.

Since I’m a pre-school teacher I have to be involves with parents all the time but unfortunately thats not very possible. Because in places like this men don’t send their wives to the school for meetings.

I even know parents that I haven’t seen for a whole school year. To solve this problem I go and visit the parents myself to meet the mothers.

The problem of language is the first issue to deal with amongst my students. I know some of them who barely understand what I’m talking about. It is a hard process for both me and them. In order for them to understand, I show the pictures of certain items first then I repeat their names in Turkish and finally I allow them to try pronouncing them.

Most of the time during free time I encourage them to interact with their Turkish friends and play with them.

I am trying to be as enough for them as possible because I know he gets upset when he doesn’t understand.

I just wanted to point out my ideas shortly.

With love,


Thanks to Zeynep Cebi for the translation to English.

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