Aliye Teacher From Ağrı


Aliye started to work in one of the villages of Ağrı (a rural town in southern Turkey). She likes her job. She always wanted to be a teacher. She kept saying to everyone “I am going to be a teacher” when she was a child. She became one.

I asked her what would she do, what would she change if she became the Ministry of Education. She answered that she would have tried to reach every city, every teacher and adds:

“Because I am here for one year and no one but famiy and friends asked me about whether I have any probems in the school and how I fare in teaching”

Here are the answers of Aliye teacher…

Do you like your profession?

I really do. I graduated many students. We have pictures that we took together. When I look at those I feel that I miss every moment of it. They all have a fear in their eyes because we are entering summer vacation. The only question they ask timidly is “Will you also leave this year?”.

I reply “Why should I go, I just arrived.” However, they say “All of our teachers left when we got used to them.” Teachers come and go rapidly. Teachers who are not accustomed to East go to other parts of Turkey. Thus, they leave insecure children on their back. Because they leave on that precious moment when the children became familiar with them. This really saddens the children.

Do you think that teachers and teaching are valued in Turkey?

Teacher and value… Those two words are irrelevant. Maybe they think they value teachers when they celebrate Teacher’s Day on 24th of November or by giving a small amount of money under the name of allowance but I can’t feel anything.

What would you like to change in the education system if you had become the Minister of Education? 

First of all, I would have analysed the fundamental problems of the schools.

I would have organized seminars for the parents, especially the ones in the East. The children are already eager to study. Only their parents can prepare them for school. I would strive to raise the awareness of the families. Family is the keystone of everything.

Furthermore, I would have allowed everyone to directly reach me. Mobile could be troublesome but I think that a secretariat can relay me the important requests.

The most efficient way would be putting emphasize to the mail sent by teachers and try empathize with them.

In addition I would have supervised whether the allowance allocated to District National Education Directorate reach them. Or if the problem stems from the Ministry of Education, I would be sure whether those allowances are adequate or not. I would have aimed to reach every teacher. Because I am here for one year and no one but family and friends asked me about whether I have any problems in the school and how I fare in teaching. As a Minister, I would have prefered to ask to teachers.



Thanks to Omer Cem Selamoglu for the translation to English.

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