Who is writing?

esra-ustundag-selamogluEsra Üstündağ-Selamoğlu

When I started studying at a -girls only- boarding school (Kandilli Girls High School), I was only ten years old. I feel grateful that my parents didn’t care about others thoughts that it was wrong for a girl to study far away from their family.

I’ve studied History at Bogazici University, also got my master degree. After a long break, I am happy to be a doctorate student, studying Educational Technologies at Bahcesehir University.

I worked at Interbank, Pfizer and “Toplumsal Tarih Vakfi” ( Social History Foundation). I’ve translated 3 books from English to Turkish, also another book from Ottoman language to Turkish. I also wrote some articles which were published on various magazines, and wrote a book named “90’a Yaklasirken”, in which I narrated Asim Kocabiyik’s memoirs. From 2005 till 2014 I volunteered as a teacher for teaching how to read and write, associated with ACEV (Mother and Children Education Foundation). Since then, as an ILKYAR foundation (Education Funds for Elementary Schools) volunteer, I am continuing my work on helping children who are studying at boarding schools.

melek-irmak-vinteresra-aralIf I didn’t get technical support from my dear young friends, Esra Aral and Melek Irmak Vinter, I wouldn’t be able to create this blog. Whenever I needed help, they were always there, answering my questions without getting fed up, also finding solutions that I couldn’t even think of, even if they were miles away from me. Because of all, I gratefully appreciate them.

Thanks to Arda Takunyacı for the translation to English.